Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome to the Island of the Setting Sun

Island of the Setting Sun is another title for Ireland, given to it, according to legend, by Amergin Glúngeal, the leader of the Milesians who came to take the island from the ruling Tuatha Dé Danann around 1700BC. As he stepped onto the shore of Inbher Colpa, the Boyne Estuary, Amergin said, "Who but I knows the place where the sun sets? Who but I knows the ages of the moon? What land is better than this island of the setting sun?"

'Island of the Setting Sun - In Search of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers' is the title of our book investigating the astronomical alignments and the cosmic undertones of Irish megalithic monuments and its myths. The book sold out after just one year and is currently on its second edition. Many people have commented on the breadth of the book and the wonderful journey it takes the reader on through history and myth.

We hope you enjoy this Blog. But if you would like more information about the book, along with hundreds of pages of information and thousands of photos relating to Ireland's ancient monuments, its myths and all the astronomical implications, then visit our long-established and hugely successful website,

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